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Stiklo & Organinio stiklo danga Gtechniq 250 ml

  • Stiklo & Organinio stiklo danga Gtechniq 250 ml

  • Why Use Gtechniq Marine Glass & Plexiglass Coat?

    Gtechniq Marine Glass & Plexiglass Coat greatly reduces the surface energy of glass and plexiglass surfaces, thereby making water form into tight droplets that readily roll off the surface.

    This improves visibility by both quickly clearing these surfaces of water and leaving less water residue on the surface to dry out as water spots. 

    Simple Steps To Help You Get The Best Results

    • Shake bottle very well before use
    • Spread the product very thinly onto the surface using a Gtechniq MF1 Microfibre
    • Buff to a streak-free finish using a fresh Gtechniq MF1 Microfibre